Cross Connection Industries

Welcome to Cross Connection Industries, Inc.

  Cross Connection Industries, Inc., located in Leeds, AL, has been a privately owned business since 1989. In July of 2002 we moved into our new location. We offer training courses in survey, installation, testing and maintenance of backflow assemblies. Our Cross Connection Backflow class meets the American Water Works Associations (AWWA) requirements for the Alabama/Mississippi section. Water operators can receive continuing education credits for Alabama Department of Environmental Management. We use approved manuals, wet-lab facilities for the purpose of training/testing RPZ, Double Check, Preassure Vacuum Breakers and we administer lab written examinations before a certification is earned.

  Cross Connection also has a great selection of products and services. Items such as backflow assemblies and devices, automatic control valves, vaults and test kits are available. See our product section for more details. Our services include calibration of test kits and ACV settings, repair and maintenance. We also provide specification and sizing.

  If you have any questions or would like to talk to someone today, please contact us via email or phone. Thanks.


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